Overseventy – HELLO! – Sept. 29, 2016


It would be nice if I could make promises but now I don’t have a bigger vision. I am not yet sure how this web site will evolve. It will be a personal statement of Richard, keeping active and moving forward. I will also bring in the voice and views of JoAnn my irrepressible wife and soul mate.

Over seventy I am. My vision of being seventy was of frail people of failing health. And then, one day, I was seventy. I was older, but not frail. This extra time of my life is an opportunity to live and explore life and the world on different terms, without daily family and work responsibility.

My goal is to try to continually move forward during my life.   No idea whether it I have a short time or a long time. I have a lifetime guarantee, just no assurance of the number of years in the lifetime. Until I stop I plan to keep pushing forward. Maybe it will be at a slower, more careful pace but it will be forward.

Hopefully it might motivate people, over or under seventy, to move forward on their dream. That is what I hope. Maybe it will be enough for some to share my experiences. Sharing is one goal   Maybe, it will motivate someone to try a step, no matter how small. That would be enough reason for my work. One person, one step. If it succeeds, please share your experience with me. Maybe together we can motivate some more.

My tag line, “Expand you mind. Stretch your body.” Represents my life ambition. Allow your mind take you places. See if your body can help you achieve what you mind envisions.

Lastly, I hope to be able to edit what I post, after time for reflection. Improve my grammar, spelling and style. I will try to find a way to emphasize changes so that the reader can identify improvements, or at least changes.

And please, send feedback.

www.overseventy.xyz   :  Expand your mind.  Stretch your body.

6 thoughts on “Overseventy – HELLO! – Sept. 29, 2016”

  1. So far I like your posts. Both you and Joann look good in your Chinese adventure outfits. I look forward to the real posts from China.

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