On To Urumqi

On to Urumqi




               A four thirty wakeup call and a 7:45 AM flight from Beijing to Urumqi.  The hotel kindly had prepared a breakfast in a box for us to take.  A four hour flight to Urumqi was very smooth.  Wondering whether Chinese Airlines endeavor to fly differently that US carriers.  The take off and flight path seemed very deliberate and comfortable.

               Rarely do I take a window seat but the views were quite spectacular.  Dessert then snowcapped mountains then more desert, followed by a fairly lush Urumqi.

               Urumqi is not very historic or interesting and not even part of the Silk Road, it is a fairly modern city, but it was a good place to stop for a day and recover from the travels. 

               After settling into the Sheraton, at least JoAnn was assured that one hotel would be five star, we walked across the street to the museum.

               Much of the display was about the cultural history of the region, but one special was the display of the mummies of Xinjiang.  In the dessert corpses did not disintegrate but just dried up.  Unearthing of graves in the region did uncover some great desiccated mummies.  The photos of a few are attached.  Included is “Loulan Beauty” which they date from 1800 BC and a child corpse. 


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On To China

On To China

               The flight to Beijing was almost routine except for Anthony, my seat mate. 

               We were seated in the first row of coach, a wonderful place with no seats in front and good stretching room.  JoAnn and I were early, as usual, and seated aisle and middle.  Getting close to final boarding the window seat was empty, every long distance travelers dream.  But then comes the flight attendant leading….mother and infant.  Every travelers dread.  The thought of the screaming infant for 15 hours sent tremors.  Further, the bassinette was hung on the wall at eye level and Anthony could sit up and stare at me with wonderment.  

               The story has a nice ending.  Anthony was very well behaved infant.  Mom, however, was totally exhausted and frazzled and Anthony was a big boy at the squirming and pushing back stage.  Mama was really beyond exhaustion when she boarded.  OK, maybe I have a big heart and am a good grandpa type.  It didn’t hurt much to hold Anthony once and a while, help feed him, watch him when Mama needed a break or when she took forty winks.  Not much reading accomplished on the flight but did collect some karma credits.

               Arrived in Beijing about 15 minute slate for a total flight time of 13 hours and 49 minutes.       

               Guess my karma credits didn’t completely help because I had problems with both credit cards trying to withdraw some cash, Renminbi, from machines.  It is never faultless and always have different problems.  Fortunately JoAnn’s cards worked so we had some cash.

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Silk Road – Starting Out

Silk Road Trip Preliminaries:

Seven days until we leave for China’s part of the Silk Road. Quite an itinerary. “Thirty Caves in Thirty Days.” Actually 10 cities in 22 days and 9 cave sites with hundreds of caves at each site. Start from the far west, Urumqi, we’ll trek eastward to Luoyang. Plane, train, boat, car and camel plus some hiking and maybe a donkey. The big stuff is set. Hotels, trains, and planes are reserved. On site details will depend on conditions. We’ll be flexible.

The passion for this trip was lit when I visited Luoyang and the Longmen Caves. Over two thousand, actually 2345, caves and niches and tens of thousands of statues carved into the hillside above the river Yi. Many of these statues are reliefs, carved in place from the mountain. Astounding degree of religious passion. Buddhism was expanding and caves were the means of the wealthy to display zeal and purchase merit. Like cathedrals of Europe, these religious efforts extended over centuries. We then visited Xi’An, the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang and the famous Terra Cotta Warriors. We passed on visiting Xi’an on this trip, but the tombs and the  warriors are a breathtaking spectacle.

Our trip is to follow the Northern Portion of the Silk Road and visit the major Buddhist caves along the route. We start in the western Province of China called Xinjiang and pass into the Province of Gansu and the Hexi Corridor.  We finally end in Luoyang in Henan Province.

Urumqi – The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum – A great starting point for an overview of the history of the region. I heard it has a great collection of mummies.

Kuqa (Kuche) – This city is south of Urumqi and not part of the Northern Silk Road, but was a major cultural hub in the 3rd or 4th century. Visiting Kizil and hopefully Kumtura Caves.

Turfan (Turpan) – Back to the Northern route. This is not far from Urumqi and the next major oasis. Visiting Bezeklik Caves and Astana Tombs.

Dunhuang – The major tourist site along the route. Well known for the Mogao Caves and Yulin Caves.

Jiayuguan – No caves here, but the western end of the Great Wall and then the Weijin Tombs.

Zhangye – The Mati Si caves.

Lanzhou and Xiahe – Travel to the Labrang Monastery in Xiahe and then the Bingling Si caves.

Tianshui – Visit Maji Shan Caves.

Luoyang – Longmen Caves.

I have also omitted Yungang Grottoes in Datong. They are closer to Beijing and I hope to visit them in a future trip.

The goal is to see the nine Buddhist cave sites in ten cities in twenty three days. Follow, us on www.overseventy.xyz as we travel the route.


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Overseventy – HELLO! – Sept. 29, 2016


It would be nice if I could make promises but now I don’t have a bigger vision. I am not yet sure how this web site will evolve. It will be a personal statement of Richard, keeping active and moving forward. I will also bring in the voice and views of JoAnn my irrepressible wife and soul mate.

Over seventy I am. My vision of being seventy was of frail people of failing health. And then, one day, I was seventy. I was older, but not frail. This extra time of my life is an opportunity to live and explore life and the world on different terms, without daily family and work responsibility.

My goal is to try to continually move forward during my life.   No idea whether it I have a short time or a long time. I have a lifetime guarantee, just no assurance of the number of years in the lifetime. Until I stop I plan to keep pushing forward. Maybe it will be at a slower, more careful pace but it will be forward.

Hopefully it might motivate people, over or under seventy, to move forward on their dream. That is what I hope. Maybe it will be enough for some to share my experiences. Sharing is one goal   Maybe, it will motivate someone to try a step, no matter how small. That would be enough reason for my work. One person, one step. If it succeeds, please share your experience with me. Maybe together we can motivate some more.

My tag line, “Expand you mind. Stretch your body.” Represents my life ambition. Allow your mind take you places. See if your body can help you achieve what you mind envisions.

Lastly, I hope to be able to edit what I post, after time for reflection. Improve my grammar, spelling and style. I will try to find a way to emphasize changes so that the reader can identify improvements, or at least changes.

And please, send feedback.

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